Gun Rights

Mike is an ardent supporter of our constitutional rights. He believes that if our government over regulates firearms then only the police and criminals will possess them, putting us all in danger. Mike encourages all Americans to consider responsible gun ownership.

Health Care

Wyoming has a small enough population that we could have a very effective health care program within our state. As Governor, Mike will fight for Wyoming and try, with your help, to show the rest of the nation that a small group of like minded people really can change the world.


Wyoming only graduates 75% of its High School seniors. The current 'one size fits all' approach to education has failed. Mike believes that we need more choice when it comes to our children's education. If competition is not introduced into education our children will not be able to compete in the modern economy. 

Mike is disgusted that the citizens of Wyoming are not able to effectively compete with people from out of state. Without an improvement in our education system, the people of Wyoming will continue to remain unemployed in our own state.

Clean Water

Every town in Wyoming deserves clean water. Mike has a proposal that will ensure clean water while simultaneously generating income for local municipalities. This proposal will be low maintenance, cost effective, and long lasting. When it comes to water treatment, Mike says, "We all contribute to this problem, we should all benefit from the solution."

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